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Third-Party Billing (Contract) FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions about Temple University and third-party billing (contract).

What do I need to know about Third party billing (Contract)?

  • Your organization/company requirements.
  • The total amount your organization/company is committing to pay toward your account.

You are responsible for paying your portion of the remaining billing invoice by the due date or late charges will appear on the account. We can bill the organization/company for educational expenses on your behalf. These expenses consist of tuition, fees, room and board.

How does Third party billing (Contract) affect my account?

The organization/company provides a letter of authorization at the beginning of the semester.  The University conditionally credits your account for the expected amount.  Late charges will not accrue. At the end of the drop/add period, we will submit a billing invoice to the organization/company on your behalf.

What is a letter of authorization?

It is an official document, printed on the organization/company’s letterhead, which commits to pay a specific amount towards the educational expenses for you.  The letter specifies what they will pay, the semester of coverage, and billing information.

Can I get a refund if my account shows a credit balance?

If your account reflects a credit balance because of a third party billing commitment, you will be issued a refund; however, if your organization/company does not honor their commitment, you will be required to repay the amount of the refund.

My bill does not list my Third party billing (Contract). What do I do?

Go to the Bursar tuition payment web site TUPay to view your account.  If you do not see your organization/company’s commitment on your bill, the Third Party Coordinator did not receive a letter of authorization, or you may not have yet met the requirements.

Why are late charges on my bill?

Your letter of authorization was not submitted by the due date, or you did not pay your portion of the bill by the due date.

What happens if my organization/company does not paid?

You are legally responsible to pay the cost of your educational expenses if the organization/company does not pay.

Do you send grades/transcripts to third parties?

The relationship between the third parties and the University involves billing and payment matters only.  You are responsible for providing all other required information.