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Student Account

The Bursar's Office issues balance due notifications by e-mail to students and their Authorized Payers when there is a balance due on the student account for currently registered students. Paper bills will not be mailed.

Due Date Schedule
Registered students with a balance due will be issued a balance due notification email in accordance with the due date schedule. Access this section to determine the due date and when periodic balance due notifications will begin each semester.

TUpay - Online Student Account
TUpay is Temple University’s official online student account and payment system.  Students can access their student account, view their current balance, create authorized payers, sign-up for direct deposit refunds and can make online payments through TUpay.

Financial Aid on the Student Account
Financial aid awards appear as anticipated aid on the student account and will reduce the amount due. Make sure you have accepted loan awards.

Third-Party Billing
Temple University can bill an outside organization/company for all or a portion of a student's tuition and/or fees. Special arrangements must be made in advance with the Bursar's Office.

Financial Responsibility Agreement
Prior to looking up classes or registering for the first time each semester, students must agree to the financial terms and conditions associated with course registration.

Past Due Accounts
Past due accounts can result in late fees, financial holds and referral to collections.  Find out more about past due accounts.