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Payment Plans

Students are encouraged to pay the total account balance by the due date.  In doing so, students avoid any payment plan fees and late payment fees.  However, if you are un-able to do so, Temple University offers two payment plans outlined below to help students and their families.  The two payment plans are the Deferred Payment Plan or the Temple Installment Payment Plan (TIPP).

Please note that these two payment plans are offered for the fall and spring semesters only. Payment plans are not offered in the summer semesters.  For summer semesters, students are required to pay the total account balance by the due date.

Deferred Payment Plan

For the fall and spring semesters, students that do not pay the total account balance will be automatically enrolled in the University’s Deferred Payment Plan. The Deferred Payment Plan provides additional time to pay your balance. 

Students will be assessed a $50 non-refundable payment plan fee each semester if the total account balance is not paid by the semester due date.  Students do not have to sign up for this payment plan.  If students are automatically enrolled in the Deferred Payment Plan for fall and spring, the annual fee is $100.

Temple Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)

TIPP is an interest-free pre-payment plan administered on behalf of the University by Nelnet Campus Commerce.  The annual plan allows Temple students to make up to ten regularly scheduled monthly payments starting in May towards their future charges (five payments for fall and five payments for spring).

TIPP will be available on April 15th to sign-up for the payment plan.

Students can finance all or a portion of their charges by electing the amount they wish to setup on TIPP.  To estimate the amount you may need to finance on the TIPP payment plan, please access our tuition calculator at TIPP payments are made directly to Nelnet.  TIPP payment plan information. The available payment methods are electronic check (ACH) or credit card and are auto debit (automatically scheduled to post on the 16th of each month). Credit card payments are subject to a non-refundable convenience fee of 2.85%.

The non-refundable payment plan fee amount for TIPP is $80 to enroll in this annual payment plan.