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Tuition and Fees

Temple University tuition and fees are based on a variety of factors, including student's school and college association, student level (undergraduate, graduate or professional), residency and credit hours. 

Tuition Rates / Upgraded Tuition Calculator
View the current Temple University tuition rates and utilize the tuition calculator to estimate your tuition rate by selecting your specific student characteristics, such as school or college, student level, residency, etc. You can also estimate your housing costs by selecting your residence hall and meal plan.

Explanation of Tuition and Fees
Review how tuition is calculated at Temple University and access information about the University Services Fee, Matriculation Fee, Course Fees, Late Registration Fee and other fees.

Tuition and Fee Refunds
If students drop their courses during the add/drop period, they are financially relieved of all tuition and fee charges associated with the dropped courses. Learn more about this process including the timing of the add/drop period.

Housing and Meal Plan Rates
Room rates and dining costs vary according to residence hall and meal plan selected.

Residency Information
In-state residency is determined by an official in the Temple University Admissions Office based on the information provided on each student's application. Learn more about residency status.