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The Office of the Bursar looks forward to serving you during your academic career at Temple University.  The office bills for tuition and fees, including University housing, as well as providing timely information regarding your financial account status.  Our office also collects payments for students’ accounts either through the disbursement of funds through Student Financial Services, third party sponsors, and processing of personal payments.  In addition, the office also processes and deposits funds collected by other University departments, in accordance with Temple’s Cash Handling policy.

Our mission is to provide the entire University community with excellent service and information in a friendly and timely manner.

Some helpful hints that will help create a positive experience:

  • We send official communications to students via e-mail at your addresses.
  • Please read your e-mails.
  • Even if your parents or a third party (employer, agency, government) pay your bill, the bill is in YOUR name and YOU are responsible to be sure it gets paid. 
  • If you are not personally paying your bill, sign up your parents or whoever pays your bill as an authorized payer (watch our video on 'How to Add an Authorized Payer in TUpay' That individual(s) also will receive an e-mail notice whenever a bill is issued.
  • Know when your payment is due.

Bursar's Office responsibilities include:

  • Tuition and fees: Temple University tuition rates and fees information
  • Billing: information about tuition bills, scheduling, third-party agreements, financial responsibility and past due accounts
  • Payments: payment plans, methods, refunds and tuition remission
  • Loan Services: loan processing and entrance/exit counseling

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