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Tuition Rates / Tuition Calculator

2023-24 Temple University Tuition Rates

Temple University’s tuition rates vary by school or college, student level, residency, etc. Use this student tuition calculator to estimate your tuition rate, or view Temple University's Tuition Rates PDF (PDF, Download of Adobe® Reader® required). After making your student selections, choose “Add Housing and Meal Plan” to estimate your housing costs, if applicable.

A full breakdown of each academic program's financial aid cost of attendance is available to review on the Office of Student Financial Services website.

Disclaimer: Tuition and fees are set annually each summer, regardless of the method of instruction. For the 2023-24 academic year, some or all instruction may be delivered remotely. Tuition, the University Services Fee and certain other fees are required to be paid in full and will not be refunded regardless of the mode of instruction, the inability to access university-maintained facilities, or any disruption to or cancellation of activities, events, services or programs during the academic year.

Temple’s refund policy is available at

By registering for classes, the student and anyone paying on their behalf acknowledges and accepts these terms.

Tuition Calculator

To access the Tuition Calculator, please select the educational status that best describes you from the choices below:

Select the Temple University school or college that relates to your major.
Select the class level for which you would like to view the current tuition rates.

Housing and Meal Plan Calculator

If you plan on living in University housing, please use the following calculator to estimate your housing and meal plan costs. Learn more about residence halls, room rates and meal plans.

Meal Plan Calculator

Please use the following calculator to estimate your meal plan costs. Learn more about meal plans.

Please note that graduate student housing at Temple is limited to those enrolled in the School of Podiatric Medicine.

Payment Methods

Start by selecting how you want to enter your payment methods from the drop down box: by Year or by Semester.  Next, enter amounts in the appropriate payment method boxes then select calculate to determine how you will finance your Temple education.  Click the question mark next to a payment method for an explanation.

This will determine how the calculator applies your payments toward semeser / annual rates.
Scholarships and grants are financial aid funding that does not need to be re-paid. To review your scholarships and grants on your current financial aid award, access the Financial Aid section of your Self-Service Banner account.
Loans are monies that you borrow that must be paid back with interest. Loans consist of federal direct loans through the U.S. Department of Education, Perkins loans through Temple and private alternative loans via private lenders such as banks. To review your loans on your current financial aid award, access the Financial Aid section of your Self-Service Banner account.
Outside scholarships / payers are funds awarded to a student by a third party. Third parties include agencies, organizations, communities, high schools, persons or other entities not affiliated with Temple University.
Veterans' benefits are educational benefits that exist for individuals that have served in the United States armed forces.
College savings programs, known as 529 plans, offered by Pennsylvania and other states that are available to pay for tuition and fees.
Your personal contributions consist of monies that you or your family will pay directly to Temple University, i.e., from your own checking or savings account.
Tuition remission is a benefit provided by Temple University for employees, their dependents and spouses. Eligibility details for tuition remission benefits can be found on Temple's HR website.

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