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Loan Services

The Bursar's Office provides loan services for Temple University students through its department of Credit and Collections.

Learn about different types of educational loans, student loan entrance/exit counseling, promissory notes, Truth-in-Lending documents and repayment information.

Loan Types
There are several ways that students can finance their education. Learn the difference between campus- and noncampus-based loans. 

Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling
The Bursar's Office manages federal and institutional student loan programs. We also provide counseling to student loan recipients to help them understand and manage student debt. Learn more about loan entrance and exit counseling.

E- Signature Documents
All students awarded Federal Perkins, Health Professions, Nursing, Primary Care, University and/or Medical loans are required to complete entrance counseling, promissory note and depending on the type of loan Truth-in-Lending documents before funds are disbursed to students' accounts.

Loan Repayment
When a student graduates or leaves Temple University, the Department of Credit and Collections manages loan repayment for campus-based loans of former students and graduates of Temple University.

Contact Loan Services

Credit and Collections is a department within Temple University Bursar's Office. Contact Credit and Collections for loan services information.