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Listing of all Cashiering Staff
Title Name Email
Assistant Vice President and Bursar Conrad Muth
Manager Finance/Accounting Barbara Willis
Accounts Receivable Coordinator (Billing) Cecilia McDonald
Sr. Associate Bursar Operations Felice Walden
Manager, Banking and Student Services Lezlie Jiles
Student Loan Coordinator Joanne Parker
Administrative Assistant/Tuition Remission Coordinator Michelle Trasken
Ambler Assistant Director
Ambler Sr. Dept. Fin. Assistance
Cathy Kelly
Barbara Kirsch
Head Cashier Maria Witcher

Office of Credit and Collections

Listing of Office od Credit and Collections Staff
Title Name Email
Associate Bursar, Credit and Collections Faith Szumanski
Administrative Assistant Amy Schmitt
Assistant Bursar, Financial Literacy Celeste D. Roberts
Third Party Coordinator Pamela Y. Watters
Tuition Collection Specialist Deborah Spears
Perkins Collection Specialist Shelly Hawkins
Perkins Collection Specialist Earlene Wright
HPSL Collection Specialist Ann Buchinsky
Tuition/Perkins Collection Specialist Denise Harrod
Tuition/Nursing Collection Specialist Latanya Johnson