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Listing of all Cashiering Staff
Title Name Email
Assistant Vice President and Bursar Conrad Muth
Manager Finance/Accounting Barbara Willis
Associate Bursar:  Accounts Receivable  Cecilia McDonald
Senior Associate Bursar: Operations Felice Walden
Student Loan Coordinator Joanne Parker
Head Cashier Maria Witcher
Assistant Bursar: Banking Services Hope Wardell

Office of Credit and Collections

Listing of Office od Credit and Collections Staff
Title Name Email
Senior Associate Bursar: Credit & Collections Faith Szumanski
Administrative Coordinator Amy Schmitt
Financial Literacy Coordinator Karen Thompson
Third Party Coordinator Pamela Y. Watters
Tuition Collection Specialist Deborah Spears
Loan Collection Manager Shelly Hawkins
Tuition/Nursing Collection Specialist & HPSL Latanya Johnson