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Explanation of Tuition and Fees

Registered students are assessed tuition and fees based on a variety of factors. The following criteria are used to determine the amount of tuition a Temple University student is assessed each semester:

  • School or College within Temple
  • Level (Student)
  • Program
  • Residency
  • Credit Hours

All Temple students are placed into one of the university’s schools or colleges, based on their major or program.

A student’s level is defined as undergraduate, graduate or professional (medical, pharmacy, podiatry, dental or law). The level of the courses is not a factor in how students are assessed.

Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students, 12 to 18 credit hours is defined as full-time and students are assessed the full-time semester rate in this credit hour range. Undergraduate students registered for less than 12 credit hours are considered part-time and assessed the per semester credit hour rate. Credit hours in excess of 18 are additionally assessed at the full-time overload rate.

Graduate Students

For graduate students, there is no distinction between full-time and part-time tuition rates. All graduate students are assessed at a credit hour rate, regardless of the number of credit hours they are taking.  Please note it is possible for some specialized programs to be an exception to this rule.

University Services Fee

All students are assessed the non-refundable University Services Fee every semester. The University Services fee is a single, comprehensive fee that helps fund a number of university services, including:

  • Funding for state-of-the art computer equipment and technologies to provide support for the students' academic experiences, including e-mail access and modern lab facilities;
  • Access to all student activities, events and recreational facilities;
  • Expansion and maintenance of recreational and academic facilities to enhance and improve student life;
  • Availability of basic student health and treatment services provided by nurses and physicians on campus.

The University Services fee amounts can be found on the Tuition Rate Schedule.

Matriculation Fee

All students are assessed a one-time non-refundable matriculation fee in their first semester registered after admission to Temple University as a degree-seeking student. This fee includes the student orientation program. Undergraduate students are charged $218.00 and graduate students are charged $85.00. Professional students should check with their respective college as the rates vary per school.

Course Fees

Certain courses charge additional fees such as lab fees, etc. The charge is assessed at the time of registration for that particular course.

Late Registration Fee

All students are assessed a $100.00 late registration fee for initial registrations that occur starting on the first day of the semester.

International Student Fees

All international students are assessed a international student fee of $182 in the fall and spring semesters.

Late Payment Fee

Students are assessed a $100 late payment fee if the total account balance is not paid-in-full by the final bill due date (see billing schedule).

Other Fees

In addition to the fees listed above, some schools and colleges also may charge special fees for their students. Consult your individual school or college for further clarification of these fees.