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Temple University is pleased to provide our students, families, alumni, and staff with a new and exciting financial wellness resource.  iGrad is a free online resource that provides a number of financial services tools and techniques that will assist you in making effective personal finance decisions.  See how iGrad can help you learn how to budget, manage your credit, research your dream job, navigate the financial aid process and plan for your future. 

UNDERGRADUATE - Are you making financial progress towards graduation?  Temple University and iGrad want to make sure you have a financial plan and try to help you get the support you need so you can get closer to meeting your goals.  Build a personalized plan to improve your money management, career, and student loan skills. 

GRADUATE - Do you understand the relationship between education, income, career, and desired lifestyle?  Temple University and iGrad will help you develop the planning skills needed to achieve your desired financial objectives.

ALUMNI - Modern life is such that you have to make personal financial decisions once you have graduated and are entering into the job market. See our tutorials on budgeting, banking, credit card debt, identity theft and financial goals.

PARENTS/GUARDIANSAffording a college education is no small task.  Temple University and iGrad have partnered to provide you with information concerning the  FAFSA-(Free Application for Federal Student Aid) - application requirements, student loan availability, and a link to an online scholarship search engine and access to a financial aid glossary.  Take advantage of these resources for your use.

FACULTY/STAFF - Employers are beginning to understand that stress in the workplace can be caused in part by a person's everyday money issues  Through a personalized plan, let iGrad provide you with information on budgeting, managing income, credit card debt, affordable housing, retirement and other money management topics.