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Accessing TUpay and Creating Authorized Payers

Accessing TUpay and Creating Authorized Payers
TUpay is Temple University’s online billing and payment system. Learn how to access TUpay as a student or authorized payer. Also, students can learn how to create parents or guardians as authorized payers. An authorized payer is someone that the student is granting access to TUpay on his or her behalf to view the electronic bill and student account as well as make online payments.

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TUpay: Differences Between Most Recent Statement and Current Account Activity
In TUpay, there are two features containing student account information: the Most Recent Statement (i.e., Electronic Bill) and Current Account Activity. Learn about the differences between the Most Recent Statement and Current Account Activity and when to review each of these options.

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IRS Tax Form 1098-T
Each year Temple University is required to send a 1098-T tax form that may be needed for annual federal income tax filing. Learn important information about the 1098-T such as what the form is, what information is included, when forms will be mailed and how to sign up for electronic delivery of the form.

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Federal Loan Exit Counseling Interview
Federal Regulations and Temple University policy require that students who borrow a student loan must complete exit counseling before leaving school for graduation, etc. Learn how to complete the exit interview along with other important information regarding your student loans.

Video about Financing a Temple Education

Financing a Temple Education
Financing a college education can be an overwhelming experience. Learn how to manage college costs including determining the various costs that go into receiving a college education. Also learn how to use Temple’s interactive tuition calculator to estimate tuition, fees and room & board costs

Helpful Hints for Financing a Temple Education
As a follow-up to the ‘Financing a Temple Education’ video, this video on ‘Helpful Hints’ highlights key points students and their families should focus on in order to succeed financially.